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     NPO法人 絆プロジェクト2030 代表理事



I would like to thank you for your continuous support from the bottom of my heart.

Since March 25th, 2011, 2 weeks after the Great Earthquake of East Japan of March 11th, 2011, we began supporting children impacted by the quake. We are now recognized as a Non-Profit Organization.

We have interacted with over 1500 children (as of July 2012) at elementary schools, Jr. high schools, high schools, and evacuation facilities (2011).

Among “Kizuna” actions, “Kizuna Mind Exercises” is the main strategy for communication with children. This school year, the Exercises became a class curriculum at Ishinomaki Elementary School and we are now interacting with children in the classes.

The foundation of Kizuna Project 2030 is power of humans among many organizations and individuals in affected areas cooperating and supporting us, and many volunteers participating in “Kizuna.” Even though we lost so many lives in the once in a thousand year disaster, we also feel “we spread once in a thousand year connections (Kizuna) by once in a thousand year chance.”

We will communicate with children that “Humans cannot win against Mother Nature, but we can stand against difficulties”, and “There are adults who care about you.”

“Smiling faces of children who hold the hopes and dreams for the future” will lead recovery of East Japan … also the future of Japan. Until the youngest child affected by the disaster turns 18 and graduates from his/her high school in 2030, we will continue to support these children.

Please guide us, support us and encourage us now to the future.

Hideki Nagano

NPO Kizuna Project 2030, Chairman

Translated by Chiyoko & Jacob Butcher